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Our Story

Pipe Right has been trading since December 2019. Although seen as a relatively young company, we do have a wealth of experience.

Lee & Chris both met at Openshaw Technical College completing the same Mechanical Qualification. After taking very different career paths they met up again on a project in 2019. After recounting their previous experiences (across the sectors from offshore oil rigs to major UK projects) the same mistakes and issues arose time after time. They had great ideas to improve projects they had worked on but had rarely been listened to. Both had planned to start their own businesses in the near future with a focus on removing waste, whether that be in materials or in productivity. After choosing to join forces rather than be in competition saw them successfully win several tenders such as; a large industrial chiller replacement project undertaken in an operational manufacturing facility, running services to equipment at a world-famous food processing plant, clean room work in a pharmaceutical site in the height of pandemic, student halls, schools and luxury apartments. There has been no challenge in any sector that Pipe Right have not overcome. The focus on reducing waste & listening to ideas from all team members has been paramount, ensuring sustainable and profitable growth. Pipe Right are now also seeing growth in repeat business, feedback shows this is due to high quality craftmanship and the ability to easily overcome extremely challenging events.

In December 2019 Pipe Right had Lee & Chris as the only employees working as both directors and the operational team. Growth has meant the addition of a second dedicated operational team. The decision was made early on to outsource many of the central administrative functions to ensure that the senior team are “hands on” the majority of the time ensuring high standards, quality and customer satisfaction. Michael was then approached to be the primary contact for the outsourced areas and in an effort to streamline/introduce systems. The mission given to him by Lee & Chris is to work directly on continuous improvement supporting the rapid growth. Michael has introduced easily transferable systems from other sectors, having their roots in Lean Six Sigma. This has allowed a dynamic approach to managing the business.

Pipe Right are keen believers in social responsibility. Our environmental policy ensures we will not actively seek work more than 50 miles from our office. We will recruit locally and ensure all our employees will be paid the minimum set by livingwage.org (we aspire for accreditation this financial year) and just before the end of year 2 will see their first apprentice recruit whom will also be paid within this scale, although it is not an accreditation requirement we believe it is the right thing to do. We have supported on several environmental projects including heat recovery systems and harvesting rainwater. The aforementioned company responsibilities already align with some UN SDG’s and moving forward we will actively align more and move to become carbon negative.

Seeking the best working practice (regardless of sector) has allowed Pipe Right to achieve & easily retain ISO9001 standard. This policy allows us to further support our clients and customers by recording any risks or opportunities within our quality management system. Further accreditations have followed such as Constructionline Gold & Chas.

All PRMS installation work is overseen if not completed by a director and there is no instance that would ever change that. Lee & Chris are dedicated to quality craftmanship so they will still be at the forefront operationally ensuring quality from Pipe Right is never in doubt.

Our Expertise


PRMS have extensive experience throughout industrial installations. We can join your project whenever support is needed whether that be to scrutinise designer drawings, independent quality inspections and testing or fault finding for any remedial works. Any sites that have hard to reach areas we can also provide piloted-drone camera service & diagnostics.

Our team have for many years installed all materials from mild steel & heavy gauge pipework through to thin-walled stainless steel and all in between. There is not a material on the current market that we do not have experience in.

We have also worked in wide ranging environments across the industrial sector such as large plant room and chiller projects for tech manufacturing plants, food production facilities and pharma grade 1 clean rooms.

If needed we can always provide working drawings on completion on any pipework that we install ensuring deviations, variations and alterations are mapped correctly ensuring any future connections or projects are easily planned.

Our most recent large industrial project is available in our case studies named Diodes.


Like most pipefitting companies we have worked on many tower blocks including offices, student halls of accommodation and luxury apartments. Away from the norm, our most recent project being a boiler house and central heating replacement at a school using radiant ceiling panels and low surface temperature radiators.

We are comfortable using any pipe materials that you may require whether that be the old favourite copper pipe or some of the newer composites and everything in between. We gained our reputation for quality installs regardless of material type by always being in touch directly with the manufacturer ensuring installation is always to their guidance. A snapshot of materials used on our recent projects have had multiple varied products such as copperpress, HDPE fusion welding, Polypipe Mechflow, Henco MLCP which is not a challenge to our skilled workforce. We never just “throw” pipe in the air, every installation is a quality install.

In the last 2 years on several occasions, we have been prepared to go on to the end of construction projects to complete or repair works where others have failed. Often working to the tightest of timeframes and programs with no complaints and always receiving 100% return of retention. We have several times been approached to complete HDPE rainwater as a standalone on larger projects due to the high-quality finish we provide and due in main to this pipework being on show.

Every direct construction customer which is a principal construction contractor has returned within 6 months and quite often sooner.

Oil Industry both Onshore & Offshore

Both senior directors are hands on operationally and will be on your project at some point. They both have experience across all sectors however what sets them apart is the added experience of chemical, oil and gas both on and offshore. They have in depth knowledge of the higher standards of H&S, quality necessities and overall operational standards.

Experience was gained at sites such as Saltend, Stanlow Refinery, Easington Gas Terminal and The Mariner in the North Sea.

Although this sector is seen as a negative, certainly environmentally, experience gained here will support moving forward to a greener sustainable place, but that’s best left for the next section.

Environmental & Renewables

The varied nature of this vast sector ensures that no two projects have been the same. A considerable amount of our work is linked to tech-led innovation so, unfortunately, we need to be a little vague with details due to the confidential nature.

The projects we have been involved in have varied considerably which is why we always try to be at forefront of sector advancements and mechanical innovations to support the move.

A few projects have consisted of experimental works; one being providing a mechanical solution to tanking a rooftop to cloud-operated harvest rainwater water systems completed. This never-seen before system is used for flood protection.

There have also been more traditional larger projects such as a water treatment at a waste facility that required ABS pressurised pipework through to smaller jobs such as the workhorse AHUs. Recently we have installed some pipework with a future connection plan for a CHP unit install.

We always keep up to date with experimental areas of this sector and try to be at the forefront when learning and sometimes developing new skills. We are currently keeping a close eye on geothermal. There has been a realisation that regardless of technological and scientific advances they would require a giant global workforce to increase geothermal’s global energy return and in turn lower CO2 emissions. This has led to the oil and gas sector’s highly skilled workforce which, as previously mentioned, we have varied, vast and vital experience in this sector. One instance is directional drilling, which has been used proficiently within oil and gas in at the forefront of most plans.

Some of the recent experiments within geothermal have replaced water with liquid CO2 to increase output and decrease emissions. Regardless of which working medium it would still need a pipe to travel in. We can install that pipe!

Our Social Responsibility
Our environmental policy ensures we will not actively seek work more than 50 miles from our office. We will recruit locally and ensure all our employees will be paid the minimum set by livingwage.org.
Our Social Values
Case Studies
Thermo Fisher Scientific
The Client
Fisher Scientific is the UK's leading supplier of laboratory equipment, chemicals, and services used in scientific research, safety and healthcare.
The Project
The completed project at Thermo Fisher Scientific included installation of 2 new 60kw boilers feeding roof mounted AHU including all associated pipework.
There was also an element of clean room working within this scientific facility at the height of the pandemic which brought some new challenges.
What They Said

Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Wow what great service, I love it! It's really wonderful. You won't regret it!

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Kraft Heinz, Leigh
The Client
Kraft Heinz is a food production company based in the North of England.
The Project
Project entailed modifications & improvements to compressed air lines servicing food packaging & canning machinery undertaken during a short deadlined 2-week shutdown.
What They Said

I can't say enough about Pipe Right. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

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Poly Pipe, Bloc Manchester
The Client
Polypipe businesses focus on developing and delivering engineered water and climate management solutions for the built environment, specialising in residential, commercial, public non-housing and civils and infrastructure sectors.
The Project
This experimental project entailed installation of drainage to a newly tanked roof which operated similar to a system to harvest rainwater. The main operation of system is to slow rainfall into Victorian sewers and provide environmental protection ensuring no flooding in Central Manchester. Pipe Right are providing on-going support.
What They Said

I am so pleased with this product. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Pipe Right saved my business. We've seen amazing results already.

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Allen St. Student Accommodation Sheffield
The Client
Allen St. Student Accommodation is a premium Student Accomodation based in the city centre of Sheffield.
The Project
This project entailed installation of 4 x large gas-fired DHW cylinders, BCWS pump set including all riser distribution pipework serving all 9 floors of this student accommodation.
What They Said

Great job, I will definitely be using again!

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Windermere, Ghyll Head
The Client
Holiday Rental for Groups of Families and Friends. Ghyll Head OEC, Windermere, Lake District, Cumbria, sleeps 16-68 in 17 bedrooms.
The Project
The completed project at Ghyll Head comprised of the Installation of 2 x 60kw boilers feeding the existing heating system. In addition, there were 3 x externally mounted DHW heaters & 2 x LPG tank2 including all associated pipework.
What They Said

An amazing service! Pipe Right has completely surpassed our expectations.

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The Client
The development Insignia, is the second phase of the CERT property’s investment into the Trafford Civic Quarter located within a highly accessible location in close proximity to Metrolink services, Manchester City Centre, Media City and the University Quarter.
The Project
  • All connections to a Flowtech-manufactured cold water storage tank, installed using up to 108mm copper
  • PRMS installed Flowtech-manufactured booster pump set
  • BCW installed using Henco via the mechanical riser to each of the 9 floors
  • BCW Henco from mechanical riser throughout the communal areas with pipework to each of the 90 apartments.
  • 800 metres HDPE Rainwater Drainage
  • 800 metres AGD in PVC & HDPE
What They Said

We would like to personally thank you for your outstanding service.

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The Client
Diodes Zetex Semiconductors Limited is located in Oldham, United Kingdom and is part of the Other Electrical Equipment and Component Manufacturing Industry.
The Project
  • Over 300 metres of SCH20 pipe. The majority of pipework is between 8 and 10 inch.
  • All the supporting bracketry has been fabricated by the PRMS team
  • Several PRMS design-corrected large headers
  • Future connection’s alterations for a CHP
  • 3 primary pumps, 3 purpose built secondary pumps (weighing over 1000kg each) and a heat recovery pump
What They Said

Fantastic, I'm totally blown away by Pipe Right.

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