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Industrial Heating, HVAC & Piping Installation

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About Us

Pipe Right Mechanical Services is a Heating, HVAC and Piping Installation Company, providing quality, integrity and safety in all aspects of industrial projects. We are CHAS & Constructionline accredited and provide mechanical services in the Greater Manchester Area, Cheshire and the North West.

Pipe Right has been trading since December 2019. Although seen as a relatively young company, we do have a wealth of experience. Lee & Chris both met at Openshaw Technical College completing the same Mechanical Qualification. After taking very different career paths they met up again on a project in 2019. After recounting their previous experiences (across the sectors from offshore oil rigs to major UK projects) the same mistakes and issues arose time after time. They had great ideas to improve projects they had worked on but had rarely been listened to. Both had planned to start their own businesses in the near future with a focus on removing waste, whether that be in materials or in productivity.

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Services We Offer
- Industrial Pipework Installation
- Commercial Plumbing and Drainage
- Decommissioning & Commissioning
- Prefabricated Welded Pipework
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Our Services

Here at Pipe Right we have a wealth of experience working in both the supply mechanical services and project management. With our experience in both industries we offer a host of products and services to help you find your solution:

Industrial Pipework Installation

  • Installation & Testing
  • Servicing & Repair
  • Valve Installation
  • Energy Centres
  • Plant & Boiler Rooms
  • Plate Heat Exchangers
  • Steel Pipework
  • PVC Pipework
  • Burst Pipe Repairs
  • Leak Investigation

Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

  • Central Heating
  • Chemical Systems
  • Soil & Waste Systems
  • Bathrooms & Kitchens
  • Hot Water Tanks
  • Boiler Services
  • Gas Inspections
  • Inspections
  • Emergency Breakdowns

Decommissioning & Commissioning

  • Pipework Replacement
  • Boiler Replacement
  • Vessels & Separators
  • Instrumentation
  • Control Systems
  • Oil & Gas Projects
  • Hazardous Areas
  • COMAH Sites
  • Renewable Energy Projects

Prefabricated Welded Pipework

  • Surveys
  • Technical Drawings
  • Pipe Headers
  • Spool Pieces
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

Onsite Welding

  • Mig, Tig & Arc Welding
  • Positional Welding
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Plating
  • Supports

Leadpipe Replacement

  • Trench-Less Projects
  • Mains Cold Water Work
  • Lead Pipe Replacement
  • MDPE Pipework
Our Expertise


PRMS have extensive experience throughout industrial installations. We can join your project whenever support is needed whether that be to scrutinise designer drawings, independent quality inspections and testing or fault finding for any remedial works. Any sites that have hard to reach areas we can also provide piloted-drone camera service & diagnostics.


Like most pipefitting companies we have worked on many tower blocks including offices, student halls of accommodation and luxury apartments. Away from the norm, our most recent project being a boiler house and central heating replacement at a school using radiant ceiling panels and low surface temperature radiators.

Oil Industry both Onshore & Offshore

Both senior directors are hands on operationally and will be on your project at some point. They both have experience across all sectors however what sets them apart is the added experience of chemical, oil and gas both on and offshore. They have in depth knowledge of the higher standards of H&S, quality necessities and overall operational standards.

Environmental & Renewables

The varied nature of this vast sector ensures that no two projects have been the same. A considerable amount of our work is linked to tech-led innovation so, unfortunately, we need to be a little vague with details due to the confidential nature.

The projects we have been involved in have varied considerably which is why we always try to be at forefront of sector advancements and mechanical innovations to support the move.

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Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. Wow what great service, I love it! It's really wonderful. You won't regret it!

Senior Manufacturing Technician

I can't say enough about Pipe Right. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Facilites Manager

I am so pleased with this product. Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Pipe Right saved my business. We've seen amazing results already.

Senior Engineer